At Matchpoint Tennis, our goal is to help players to develop the skills to reach their maximum potential.
Teaching all aspects of squash and tennis, we provide a fun and friendly environment.
At Matchpoint Tennis, we believe that tennis and squash are sports for a lifetime.

Join us for Tennis Aerobics every Saturday 9:30-11:00am

Tennis Aerobics/1000 Ball Drills is run every Saturday 9:30-11:00am with two coaches on two courts.

Come and join us to practice singles and doubles paterns in a fun and active way!

Space is limited to 16 participants! 

To register please email Mark at matchpoint.tennis@rogers.com, call or text at 905-924-2700.


Friday Squash Round Robin - Don't miss out!

Squash Round Robin is run onFridays, 7:20-8:00pm.

The sign up please use online registration.